NetApp Completes ionGrid Acquisition

One of the lesser known stories of NetApp’s earnings report this week is that they have completed the acquisition of ionGrid; mobility software that allows corporate users to access internal documents securely on IOS, and soon to be, Android devices.

This is a good pickup for NetApp as IT organizations are desperately looking for . . . → Read More: NetApp Completes ionGrid Acquisition

Is NetApp Doomed?

I recently met with a storage architect friend of mine who happens to be a NetApp competitor and had a good discussion about the future of NetApp.  He made a case that the best days of NetApp are behind it, that they had a good run, but got bogged down in this “one platform . . . → Read More: Is NetApp Doomed?

IT Preppers! Are You Ready for the Datacenter Apocalypse?

Tornadoes : Hurricanes : Earthquakes : Black-outs : Floods Fires : Tsunamis : Terrorism : Riots : Zombies

At any moment, your business data could be lost due to any number of natural or un-natural disasters.  The continuation of your business following one of these apocalyptic events depends not on what you . . . → Read More: IT Preppers! Are You Ready for the Datacenter Apocalypse?

Why Do I Need a Middle-Man?

Occasionally when talking with customers who tend to buy products direct from manufacturers, I’m asked the question:

“Why should I go through a middle-man/reseller when I can buy direct?”

It is a very good question—and knowing the answer to it can not only help you better understand why resellers are important to your business, . . . → Read More: Why Do I Need a Middle-Man?