All-Flash Madness: Shortcuts, Caveats and Disruptions

In the high-stakes race to own part of the $60B flash market, manufacturers have cut corners to get their flash products out the door.  They have all the features you are looking for, but you will be shocked at what they leave out.  Failing to ask the right questions can result in some very . . . → Read More: All-Flash Madness: Shortcuts, Caveats and Disruptions

Why Pure Storage?

I’m excited to say that earlier this month I made the decision to join the Pure Storage team as a Systems Engineer.   Since sharing my decision, I have been asked by friends, fellow architects and customers:

Why Pure?

Before I get into why I decided to join Pure, you first need to understand my . . . → Read More: Why Pure Storage?

Cloud Chaos: Nirvanix Shuts Down

When most of us think of “Cloud” in the context of “Disasters”, we see opportunity.  Cloud storage offers us a geo-redundant landing platform where we can place data to achieve far greater resiliency at a much lower price point than most organizations can achieve on their own.   For most of us, “Cloud” means . . . → Read More: Cloud Chaos: Nirvanix Shuts Down

Is NetApp Doomed?

I recently met with a storage architect friend of mine who happens to be a NetApp competitor and had a good discussion about the future of NetApp.  He made a case that the best days of NetApp are behind it, that they had a good run, but got bogged down in this “one platform . . . → Read More: Is NetApp Doomed?

Storage Virtualization Showdown: Conclusion

This is the conclusion post of the Storage Virtualization Showdown series.  For the full details of the commentary below, be sure to check out the rest of the series.

Storage virtualization can have a measureable impact in reducing both CAPEX and OPEX spend through giving customers more leverage when purchasing storage hardware and reducing . . . → Read More: Storage Virtualization Showdown: Conclusion