Latency vs IOPs: Why Flash Matters

This post is part of the “Learning Flash: For Storage Engineers” series.  Click here, if you missed the intro post.

For us storage engineers, more has almost always been the answer to storage performance problems.  For any given performance complaint, it is often solved by adding more cache, more ports, more controllers and, especially, more . . . → Read More: Latency vs IOPs: Why Flash Matters

Learning Flash: For Storage Engineers

If you are a storage engineer and have a pulse, then you cannot deny we are in the midst of the single most defining era in data storage history.  Never before have we witnessed a quantum leap of such magnitude in storage performance, efficiency and density.  The Flash Revolution is NOW!

The great thing . . . → Read More: Learning Flash: For Storage Engineers

Why Pure Storage?

I’m excited to say that earlier this month I made the decision to join the Pure Storage team as a Systems Engineer.   Since sharing my decision, I have been asked by friends, fellow architects and customers:

Why Pure?

Before I get into why I decided to join Pure, you first need to understand my . . . → Read More: Why Pure Storage?